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Give the major organic product of the following reaction

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These lemon scented toilet tabs will leave your toilet bowl and bathroom smelling fresh and clean. Just drop one in the bowl and watch the fizzing action. The combination of baking soda and citric acid will help soak away stains and leave a fresh scent.

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It is not volatile below a white heat, and consequently, if heated with salts of more volatile acids, it expels the acid forming oxide from such salts; for example, if potassium sulphate be heated with boron trioxide, sulphur trioxide is liberated and potassium borate formed.

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Answer the questions in the table below about the shape of the cyanate (OCN^-) anion. What phrase best describes the arrangement of these electron groups around the central carbon atom? (You may need to use the scrollbar to see all the choices.)

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3. Writing Excellence answers to Periodic Trends – Atomic and Ionic Radii questions 4. Writing Excellence answers to Molecule shapes and Polarity questions 5. Writing Excellence answers to Molecule Polarity and Solubility questions 6. Writing Excellence answers to Intermolecular Forces questions 7. Writing Excellence answers to Enthalpy and ...

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The first bismuth borosulfate (H 3 O)Bi[B(SO 4) 2] 4 is only the second featuring a three‐dimensional anion, the first tectosilicate‐analogous borosulfate synthesised solvothermally without a precursor (from Bi(NO 3) 3 ⋅5 H 2 O and B(OH) 3 in oleum); moreover, it is the first comprising two differently charged cations and crystallises in a new structure type in space group I (no. 82) (a ...

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To answer this question, we used a knock-in mouse model expressing EAAT1/GLAST carrying a mutation recently described in a human patient (Jen et al., 2005). Slc1a3 P290R/+ mice suffer from epileptic attacks, ataxia and cerebellar atrophy and thus exhibit similar neurological symptoms as the patient with the same mutation.

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Show a sample calculation below for each of the calculated entries in your table for Sample 1: Do not forget to consider the stoichiometery of the acid-base titration reaction in your calculations; it is not 1:1. Record your data and calculations for your other temperature trials in the three tables below.

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Solution for Which of the following statements is (are) true regarding molecular orbital theory? (Select all that apply.) A combination of two 2s atomic…

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The periodic table is arranged in columns and rows based on the number of electrons and where these electrons are located. Take a closer look at the some of the elements in the table’s far right column in the periodic table. The group 18 atoms helium (He), neon (Ne), and argon (Ar) all have filled outer electron shells, making it unnecessary ...

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Part F: Vocabulary- Answer the following questions: Circle the correct words: As n increases, electrons are (closer/further) from the nucleus and they have (more/less) energy. How many electrons can be in the first energy level?

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Sep 25, 2020 · The solutions contain answers to the questions provided in the textbook. These help in strengthening all the concepts related to chapter 7 that help in better preparations. NCERT Solutions not only help the students appearing in different boards but also the one’s appearing in the competitive exams.
UNION removes duplicate records (where all columns in the results are the same), UNION ALL does not.. There is a performance hit when using UNION instead of UNION ALL, since the database server must do additional work to remove the duplicate rows, but usually you do not want the duplicates (especially when developing reports).
TABLE OF COMMON MONATOMIC IONS • fixed-charge metals in Groups IA, IIA, and IIIA • fixed-charge metals in Groups IB and IIB (transition elements) • common-charge non-metals from Groups IVA, VA, VIA, and VIIA • semi-metal from Group IVA For ions in group VA, VI, and VIIA, the magnitude of charge is calculated by subtract-
Jun 14, 2016 · A compound shape is a shape that is made up from other simple shapes. In this article we will be working out the area of a L shape (made up from 2 rectangles). To find the area of a compound shape, follow these simple steps: Step 1: Work out the...
The table on the left shows gas phase interaction enthalpies, which are on the same order as the hydration enthalpies for these cations. Therefore, cation-Π interactions are roughly similar in strength to cation-dipole interactions formed between water and cations.

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I thought MCAT questions about geometry and shape were pretty direct. geometry meant only looking at number of bonds while shape meant looking at both bonds and lone pairs. however, I came across this question (below). In the explanation of choosing between SiCl4 and XeF4 they mention the lone pairs too.
Sep 25, 2020 · The solutions contain answers to the questions provided in the textbook. These help in strengthening all the concepts related to chapter 7 that help in better preparations. NCERT Solutions not only help the students appearing in different boards but also the one’s appearing in the competitive exams. Check your understanding using the section problem sets and answers. If you have any questions, e-mail me at: [email protected] I will have limited access to my email during the summer so I will do my best to answer questions when I am able or they will be answered during the first few days of class.